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Alanis, 28

Future Eyes has the most fashion-forward eyewear I have ever seen. Their eyeglasses and sunglasses are patented which protects them from being copied by other optical shops in the country. I specifically love those that are circular in shape because they fit the shape of my face better. They last long and the frames do not peel out. I’ve been using their glasses for several years already. Since then, I never shifted to others.

Matteo, 35

So glad Future Eyes has created a collection for kids. My kids love it and we can go out wearing the same frames as a family. Their glasses are very comfortable to wear. They are almost lightweight and do not have parts that weigh down on your eyes. They come in different colors and sizes which make the whole collection appealing to kids. I love the fact that they are almost fool-proof. I cringe every time my kids drop their glasses because it means that it needs replacing. With Future Eyes, I don’t need to think about this because they are made to last.

Sarah, 29

Oh, the eyewear they sell at Future Eyes are very beautiful. By buying just one, you already have something that would fit any type of clothes – formal or not formal. I also love those that come in lenses that change colors on different angles. They look like magic and look as if you are wearing different eyewear at ones. They are good for everyday OOTDs. Future Eyes did really well in coming up with their collections. Two thumbs up for a job well done.